What to Include in Your Wedding Day Flat Lay

  1. […] 15-20 minutes right when I arrive the morning of (if you have all of your details collected and waiting for me this will take less time!)  Check out my blog with a list of ALL the wedding details to include on your wedding day here! […]

  2. […] There’s a lot you’ll need to pack for getting ready for your wedding day. The special things for your wedding day should be easier to remember. Things like hair accessories, your veil, ties, your wedding attire, and any special jewelry should be at the forefront of your mind. That makes it easy to forget the simple day to day things though like deodorant, your perfume and cologne, and water which are just as important! The other important items you’ll want to pack for your getting ready space include a steamer, your getting ready outfits if you have them, undergarments, general accessories, florals, a crochet hook if your dress has a lot of buttons, and finally your wedding day details which you can check out this blog for what to pack in your details box! […]

  3. […] To start off their wedding, Courtney gave me set me up with the most amazing box of details to document their wedding flat lay with.  She gave me her shoes, hair pieces, invitations and even their perfumes and colognes!  If you’re looking for inspiration for putting together a flat lay just like Courtney did for their wedding day, check out this blog here for everything you can incorporate into a wedding day flat lay!   […]

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